High-Tech Systems 2021

Do you also miss meeting new people from your field of work in real life, expanding your network, catching up with existing relations and the social talk at the coffee machine? 

At the last edition of High-Tech Systems, visitors had the opportunity to do all this virtually, although it seemed like they were at a real life event, due to our virtual networking space in Spatial Chat. In this tool you can hear the audio from people who stand close to you, so you are able to join other conversations, catch up with acquaintances or meet new contacts from the industry.

High-Tech Systems was an online event on 25 March 2021, from 15:00 until 18:00 hours. Prominent keynote speakers kicked-off and there was an expert session with a discussion on the lessons learned from the Covid-19 crisis. The main focus of the event was on virtual networking. In our virtual networking space, it seems like you are at a real event where you have the possibility to network with all visitors.

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