Yves Perriard

Professor at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Embedded micro mechatronics: key factors to foster innovation

16:15 – 17:00

The evolution of small mechatronic systems is rapidly advancing in the last ten years. Nowadays, the number of actuators and sensors increases fast in a lot of fields. The development of these future systems requires sustained high-level research to allow for miniaturization and increased autonomy by means of smart electronics. Energy saving is also a key issue for our future which also strongly depend of device efficiency, even for small power consumption. Connections with material science and information technology are the key for innovation in this topic. Existing technologies must be used in an unconventional way to create innovation.


The keynote of Yves Perriard intends to show some examples of multi-disciplinary projects and how to combine some exiting technologies in a smart way. The link with the industry will be highlighted as a common thread in all breakthrough innovations. An electro-active polymer actuator for a blood pump as well as magnetorheological fluids for diabetic shoes will be discussed during this presentation.

Yves Perriard obtained his master in micro engineering from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in 1989 and his PhD form the Electrical Department in 1992. He became cofounder of the company Micro-Beam and had the lead of the company until 1998 doing special electric drives. In 1999 he joined EPFL as senior lecturer and in 2003 was appointed titular professor and leader of the Integrated Actuators Laboratory. In 2009 he was also appointed vice-director of the Microengineering Institute EPFL Neuchâtel. Senior member IEEE and Member EPE, he is also vice-president of the EPE (European Power Electronics) society board in Brussels.

Perriard is interested in innovating, analysing and creating new actuators associated with their electronic devices. The multi-disciplinary work of his research makes him strongly in contact with industries in Switzerland and abroad. Perriard has published over 180 papers, 5 patents and is co-author of one book. He is associate editor of several journals. Teacher at the Bachelor and Master level, he received the best teacher award of the Engineering Faculty twice, in 2005 and 2007. http://lai.epfl.ch.

In 2018, he launched a brand new centre at EPFL on artificial muscles thanks to a donation of the Werner Siemens Foundation