Timo Roestenberg

Business developer at Demcon

Smart Industry: putting words into actions

11:00 – 11:30

There are many Smart Industry scans and even more Smart Industry consultants. In many cases the process ends with the making of plans and putting them into action is difficult. A Smart Industry solution often does not fit in with the traditional investment KPI’s such as return on investment. Few companies truly have a Smart Industry vision which is both drafted and supported by management as well as companywide. Demcon, together with partners ESPS, Z-Tech and Symbol, realized a new, smart production line at Fresenius Kabi, a producer of blood transfusion disposables.

Timo Roestenberg got his PhD at Twente University. He then started working in the chemical industry, first as process development engineer at Albemarle, then as R&D manager at Antecy. Roestenberg joined Demcon as business developer in 2016.