Stefan Rink

Vice president of manufacturing Shapeways

Getting 3D printing ready for high mix and high volume

11:00 – 11:30

The last decade additive manufacturing has seen a lot of breakthrough developments, making that it has firmly earned its place as a mature production technology. It especially unlocked unprecedented geometries and huge freedom in design.
However, with this success, the current limitations also become more and more apparent. 3D printers nowadays are workstations, some cheap, some really expensive, but always requiring a lot from their operators. An operating model which is difficult to scale. If 3D printing is to seriously challenge mass production, additive manufacturing has to evolve to the next level.
What are the current blockers to go from 3D printing workshops to fully automated N=1 production lines? Let’s take a deep dive.

As vice president at Shapeways and partner at Past2 QRM Consultancy, Stefan Rink has 25 years of executive experience in the metal industry, building construction, IT, solar and 3D printing. Being an expert in Quick Response Manufacturing, Rink accelerated Shapeways’ global high mix, high volume production, resulting in the shortest lead times in the industry.