Pyrietstraat 2
1812 SC Alkmaar
The Netherlands
T +31 72 3020040

Technobis Group, based in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, is a group of companies that provide innovative series production support to market-leading high-tech equipment companies.

Technobis services can range from R&D, engineering and prototyping to manufacturing and supplying products. The business unit Technobis mechatronics specialises in developing, realising and sustaining series products, modules and systems. Serving demanding customers – SMEs and large companies as well as knowledge institutes – in medical, life-science and high-tech industries, Technobis mechatronics is driven by technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

The Technobis group comprises four business units:

  • Technobis mechatronics: complete product development, from idea to production ready for the market.
  • Technobis tft-fos: development and supply of fibre-optic sensing systems and applications, primarily based on integrated photonics.
  • Tipps: solutions for PIC (photonic integrated circuit) evaluation & packaging, including dedicated and mid-range volume packaging services.
  • Technobis crystallisation systems: crystallisation technology for solid-state research, process development and formulation.