Pieter Debrauwer

Program manager 3D food printing at AMSystems Center

3D food printing to create texturee

11:30 – 12:00

In food one of the key aspect is the taste sensation when eating something. With 3D food printing not only the shape on the product dimensions can be controlled, but also the structure at smaller dimensions can be created. This provides the opportunity to create textures. In order to achieve this, the process needs to be controlled at every level and the effect of structures, strength and porosity need to be understood and manipulated.

Within its 3D food printing research AMSystems Center has been investigating the possibilities with different technologies to create textures and the obstacles to tackle in creating 3D printed food objects.

Pieter Debrauwer studied aerospace engineering. Within AMSystems Center he is responsible for the 3D food printing program. He is active in setting up new projects and collaborations in the field of 3D printing. As senior project manager he has lead large research projects and trying to develop new technology and equipment for 3D food printing.