Martijn Miedema

Program manager service innovation at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Smart maintenance: an expected journey into data and the organization

15:00 – 15:30

At Thermo Fisher Scientific the journey to using data from our electron microscopes for smart maintenance began years ago with some small steps. Electron microscopes are designed as highly innovative, cutting-edge systems, but not as an IoT device, nor was the data logging designed in the way needed, nor was the organization ready to act on device data. Part of the journey started from within the service department, learning to formulate requirements for data needs, understanding what information is in the data and what it takes to translate data into actions. While this was growing bottom-up, there was also a growing understanding in the business of shifting market needs, together with a focus towards more industrial markets. When these two streams met, things really took off.

This presentation will argue that every company has its own IoT journey, with sometimes very different starting positions and particular challenges. Understanding your position is key to formulating your next steps in an IoT journey. Yet, at the same time, there are common themes, lessons learned and best practices developed which are valid across companies. The topics addressed in this presentation will be practical and help you in your journey to make things work: security, data governance, systems design for monitoring, products versus services, agile analytics and data driven culture.

Martijn Miedema, senior program manager service innovation, received his MSc degree in applied physics at Delft University of Technology. He started at Delft Instruments working on algorithms for radar level gauges.At FEI he managed a software development team for electron microscopes and a third line support team. Driven by the topic of service innovation, he then started working on initiatives around remote service platform, Service BI warehouse, installed base and master data management. In 2014 he added to his role as architect for the new Thermo Fisher MSD digital services platform.