Jaap Bulsink

CTO at Kaak 3D

Surprising business for 3D

14:00 – 14:30

Jaap Bulsink is involved in all 3D print activities within the Kaak Group, world market leader of industrial bakery equipment. As an engineer he joined Addlab, a shared facilities for metal printing. Since 2018 he is the CTO of K3D and responsible for the production of 3D metal components for the Kaak Group, external companies and the technical chief of the shared facility for 3D metal printing in the east of the Netherlands.

Dries Vandecruys is a design engineer with a particular passion for (re)designing products for additive manufacturing. As part of the Design & Engineering Services at Materialise, a Belgium-based global provider of additive manufacturing software and solutions, Vandecruys supports partners in diverse industries to co-create new products and optimize existing ones.