Marco Castellano

Digital twinning in smart factories

16:00 – 16:30

Upcoming trends of the market request product transformation: from mass production to mass customization. Reduced time to market, reduced costs, high quality and added services are all included in the package. Industry 4.0 takes shape through the smart factory and his digital twin, the virtual copy of the physical world.
Why: to provide simulation, real time control, configuration, decision support, training.
What: products, process, production lines, automation and cobots, services, supply chain
How: interconnection, internet of things, cybersecurity, cloud, augmented reality, immersive reality, virtual reality, scan, digitalization.
When: starting today!

Within Altran, Marco Castellano is currently working on solutions of designing and transforming manufacturing environments to integrate new manufacturing technologies, (re)design production plants, flows, processes with operational excellence approaches. He is a professional with more than 25 year experience as operations and plant manager, and previously as production and quality manager in the manufacturing industry. Castellano achieved wide cross-functional experience in several areas of expertise including design of organization & corporate transformation, automation, production, product development, project management, supply chain management, HSE, and quality. In Altran he is involved in several projects of digital transformation of factories, re-design of production flows, internal logistic flows, automation lines.

Marco Castellano