Hamed Sadeghian

NFI’s high throughput 3D metrology equipment for advance process control

11:30 – 12:00

The driver in the semiconductor industry is to create faster, lower-power chips that have more functionality. This can be achieved by making even more complex 3D structures built up from smaller and smaller features and being able to do that reliably enough to ensure high yields.

To ensure high yield of manufacturing these small 3D features, parameters such as how well you can align two structures on top of each other (overlay) and how consistently one can reproduce the size of features (critical dimension uniformity) are crucial. In 3D structures (e.g. finfets, V-Nand’s) measuring 3D parameters such as height, side wall angle, and oxide recess measurement with sub-nanometre resolution are very crucial for improving the yield. CD-SEM and scatterometry (OCD) cannot measure accurate height of these tiny structures locally, especially when they are below optically non-transparent (opaque) layers. In order to measure these parameters, complimentary to CD-SEM and OCD, Nearfield Instruments is developing its first ultrafast high-throughput scanning probe microscopy (HT-SPM) system for metrology of advanced ICs. In this talk the development of this system and the applications in semiconductor metrology will be presented.

Hamed Sadeghian received his PhD (cum laude) in 2010 from Delft University of Technology in nano-mechatronics systems design. He continued his career as a postdoctoral fellow, at TUD and later at MIT, where he developed instruments for nano-scale heat transfer measurement.
From 2011 till 2018 Sadeghian has been principal mechatronics architect at TNO. He has developed several multi-disciplinary mechatronics systems for metrology applications, in collaborations with industry such as Applied Materials and ASML. He has been the head of NOMI group (~40 FTE) and 3D Nanomanufacturing Instruments at TNO. He was inventor and system architect of the HT-SPM (parallel AFM) and Subsurface SPM.
In 2014 Sadeghian received his MBA degree from Leuven Vlerick Business School, Belgium. His thesis was the development of a business plan of a metrology OEM, which later became Nearfield Instruments. He co-founded that company where he now is managing director and CTO.
Sadeghian holds more than 60 patents, and has authored more than 100 technical papers and co-authored books.

Hamed Sadeghian

Nearfield Instruments