Tu/e High Tech Systems Center

P.O.Box 513
5600 MB Eindhoven
The Netherlands
+31 40 247 30 83

The High Tech Systems Center (HTSC) of Eindhoven University of Technology groups its research activities in the domain of complex high tech mechatronic systems into a one top level research center. By combining the expertise from especially four departments: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciences and Applied Physics, the HTSC addresses the complexity problem of future high tech systems design in a multi-disciplinary way, with strong emphasis on System Engineering. The High Tech Systems Center performs fundamental research and design of new concepts and prototypes, and understands the needs of the industry. Currently HTSC has more than 150 T-shaped engineers (80% PhD students, 20% PDEng trainees) working on projects related to our center’s focus.

Visit the website www.tue.nl/htsc for more information on the High Tech Systems Center. 

De Lismortel 31
5612 AR Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Pieter Debrauwer
+31 88 866 5533

AMSYSTEMS Center is a joint innovation center for additive manufacturing which focuses predominantly on the development of production equipment for smart, personalized and multi-functional products. The center is founded by TNO and High Tech Systems Center of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e HTSC). TNO and TU/e HTSC have years of experience in additive manufacturing at their disposal and are making the step towards the next generation of integrated production systems. The center undertakes fundamental and applied research programs to arrive at innovations that ultimately make it to the marketplace via the affiliated companies or spin-offs that are created. At AMSYSTEMS Center experts and scientists are working, who understand the emerging 3D-printing industry needs.

Visit the website www.amsystemscenter.com for more information on AMSYSTEMS Center.