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The Netherlands
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MathWorks provides a computing environment for data analytics and model-based engineering. MATLAB and Simulink enable engineers to quickly go from innovative idea to high-quality product or application.

MATLAB® provides an interactive environment for (big) data processing, algorithm development, and deep learning on your PC, or deployed to parallel computing clusters, GPUs, the Internet of Things, or the Cloud. Within the Simulink product family, Simscape™ can help you create models of multi-domain physical systems that are accurate, easy to understand, and easy to simulate.

Simulink and Stateflow® are used to control these systems. This allows engineers to optimize mechatronic systems with minimal use of expensive prototypes.

Additional products provide capabilities for requirements linking, automatic design, test generation, code generation, fixed-point translation, formal verification, and high-integrity certification. Over one million scientists, engineers and teachers worldwide rely on MATLAB.

MathWorks employs over 4,000 people in 16 countries, MathWorks’ Benelux office is in Eindhoven.