Eltrex Motion

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The Netherlands
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Eltrex Motion offers you a complete range in drive and positioning components and systems.
You can always call our engineering department for advice to come to a proper selection of hardware, application software, etc.
The commissioning of the supplied components and/or systems can be fully provided by our Service Department.
In other words: one-stop-shopping. We guarantee you a quick and smooth processing of your orders. 

The Engineering Department within Eltrex Motion is specialized in solving technical drive and control issues, usually in a project-based approach. In essence, they provide you with the necessary expertise to select the right components for your machines and systems.
If needed, complete electrical machine controllers can be developed, designed and programmed from scrap to high-end, from a simple switch to a complete servo drive including HMI and motion controllers. Eltrex Motion can accomplish this entire process for you.

Just call us any time and you will find: Team Eltrex in Motion