Dutch Society for precision engineering DSPE

High Tech Campus 1
5656 AE Eindhoven
The Netherlands


Annemarie Schrauwen

Unique community for stimulating professional contact and sharing knowledge & passion in the field of precision engineering.

A summary of our activities:

  • Special Interest Groups for optics and opto-mechatronics and thermo-mechanics.
  • Optics Week 31 september and 1-3 October 2019
  • Conference on Precision Mechatronics, September 2020
  • YPN-events for Young Precision Engineers.
  • PiB-days (Precision in Business days) for all members.

Awards program to appreciate engineers for their work (like best graduation work, best system architect etc.)

  • DSPE Certification program for the best post-academic courses for precision engineers in Europe.
  • DSPE publishes Mikroniek. This is the only technological magazine from the Netherlands that focuses specifically on engineers and technicians working in the area of precision engineering. Send an email to info@dspe.nl if you want to receive a free copy.

DSPE is co-initiator of High-Tech Systems.