Versatile and compact rotary gripper module from Festo

19 oktober 2018

Festo rotary gripperThe compact rotary gripper module EHMD from Festo is ideal for handling small parts such as sample vials. Not only is it perfect for laboratory automation, but its compact dimensions also make it suitable for small parts assembly, the electronics sector and the food and beverage industry.

Gripper for pick & place tasks

The rotary gripper module reliably opens and closes sample vials with up to 15 ml of content in Life Science applications, for example, and is also used for gripping and placing microwell plates. Sample preparation, analysis and centrifuge loading are some of the additional application areas. The module also effortlessly tackles rotary and gripping tasks in in-vitro diagnostics, cell and genome research, as well as in quality inspection in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry. When combined with a 3-dimensional gantry, the rotary gripper module EHMD is also suited for pick & place tasks, quality inspections with cameras, bar code identification and label printing processes.

Featuring a stepper motor for continuous rotation, it makes it possible to handle small objects across a vast array of applications. The rotary gripper module EHMD comes in two versions: electric rotation and gripping or electric rotation and pneumatic gripping.

The optional Z-module is especially practical as during rotation it balances out thread pitches on covers of up to 10 mm, without the Z-axis having to be moved. This makes the rotary process quicker and generally usable for various cover types and thread pitches. With the motor controller CMMO from Festo, the rotary gripper module can be easily integrated into an existing system. The Festo Configuration Tool FCT makes configuration incredibly simple, regardless of whether the positioning or power mode is selected.