Powerful acceleration, gentle cushioning

14 oktober 2020

Festo ADN-S

A powerful drive calls for cushioning that extends the operating life of machines. Festo has addressed this need by equipping the compact drives ADN-S-… with pneumatic end-position cushioning PPS. The design minimises impact in the end positions while at the same time improving reliability thanks to the self-adjusting cushioning. The small sizes are ideal for the electronics industry and small parts assembly.

The compact cylinder series ADN-S-… is optimised in terms of installation space. It is designed for simple pressing and holding functions. In particular the small sizes with diameters of 6 mm and 10 mm can be used in the electronics industry and small parts assembly, for example for micro movements for testing control buttons, keyboards or similar.

Save time

The self-adjusting end-position cushioning reduces vibrations and thus enables high speeds and short machine cycles. The ADN-S-… with PPS reduces costs and errors. The self-adjusting pneumatic cushioning of the ADN-S-… never needs to be modified, which means that sources of error such as incorrect adjustment or accidental readjustment are no longer an issue. The PPS cushioning efficiently converts energy and effectively brakes loads. It adjusts perfectly to load and speed, even when these change.

Before this solution, users had to manually adjust the integrated pneumatic end-position cushioning in the cylinder – at the expense of cycle times and noise generation. Manually adjusting the cushioning is also time-consuming and prolongs the commissioning of systems with lots of drives to be cushioned. Self-adjusting cushioning PPS ensures optimum cushioning performance at all times without the need for any manual intervention.

Save costs

The difference from the standards-based cylinder ADN is that the ADN-S-… is much shorter. This is made possible by the highly flexible automation used to manufacture the compact cylinder. This supports the trend towards smaller, lighter machines that take up less space, which in turn can have a positive effect on the transport costs.

The ADN-S-… is part of the Festo core product range, which means short delivery times and worldwide availability. With its attractive price and long service life, the sturdy compact cylinder has what it takes to be a bestseller.