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High-Tech Systems 2019

11 April 2019, Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Annual conference with a focus on high-end system engineering and disruptive mechatronics

Internet of things is getting a lot of attention in recent years. Even politicians interfere with this new industrial paradigm. This generates an overflow of visionary reports and initiatives. In factories and on shop floors the effects are slowly showing. Part of the challenge is the translation of the Smart Industry concepts to production plants. How can you smarten up your manufacturing process? At High-Tech Systems 2019 you’ll get inspiring answers to that question.

Designers of high-end mechatronics are facing multiple challenges when developing ultra-precise systems. An often overlooked issue is that of the omnipresent thermal effects. It is impossible to reach ultra-precision when you ignore them. However, many developers lack the required in-depth knowledge to compensate for this disturbances. Visit High-Tech Systems and learn from the top experts how to avoid these troublesome thermal issues.

Another challenge is the crumbling barrier between the optical and mechatronic designers. They cannot develop an optimal system without communicating with each other. Learn to speak the common language at High-Tech Systems 2019.

High-Tech Systems focuses on high-end system development for markets where smart engineering and technology make a difference. Together with our supporting partners Brainport Industries, DSPE and TUE High Tech Systems Center, we aim to attract developers, technical managers and decision makers in advanced mechanical engineering.

The 2019 conference features:

Meet industry leading companies

High-Tech Systems offers ample networking opportunities and is a unique place to meet the top of the high-tech. Learn about the newest products and trends on the exhibition floor and meet our ambassadors from industry leading companies:

  • Katja Pahnke, managing director of TUE High Tech Systems Center
  • Marc Hendrikse, CEO of NTS Group and figurehead of the top sector High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM)
  • Lars Idema, department head mechanical development at Océ R&D
  • Toon Hermans, managing director Eindhoven at Demcon
  • Pieter Kappelhof, department manager development at Hittech
  • Gert-Jan Bloks, executive director & CEO at Anteryon International


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