Industrial keynote by Jim Stolze

The next step for digitization arises: algorithms. Jim Stolze hosts a masterclass about how artificial intelligence and blockchain technology offer new opportunities for the industry. Data is nothing if you don’t use it the right way. Stolze will show many examples of how artificial intelligence and blockchain can boost the manufacturing industry.

Jim Stolze is tech-enterpreneur and a renowned innovation expert due to his work for RTLZ and Singularity University. He is founder of Aigency, a platform through which he matches Dutch start-ups in artificial intelligence with multinationals. Forbes recently published an article about the Amsterdam based company and Jim’s vision on AI under the title ‘Who’s afraid of artificial intelligence?

Like no other, Stolze can inspire his audience with his vision on the future. Digitalization and its impact on business models, organisations and society always play a central role.

At TEDxAmsterdam last November Stolze give a very interesting and inspiring lecture on the subject of artificial intelligence. Watch it on YouTube.

Who’s afraid of artificial intelligence? – Jim Stolze – TEDxAmsterdam

Jim Stolze is co-founder of Aigency.com, a global platform for useful artificial intelligence. After studying at VU University Amsterdam, Stolze earned his MBA from the Lemniscaat Business School. The master’s thesis in which he researched the relationship between internet usage and well-being caught international attention and was featured on CNN.


After a visit to the TED conference in 2008 Jim Stolze became an active leader in the TEDx community. Under his leadership dozens of events have taken place under the brand of TEDxAmsterdam with an international cast of speakers and innovative ad campaigns. He also played an active part in TEDxBinnenhof, TEDxAruba, TEDxMaastricht, TEDxMuscat and many TEDxYouth events. In 2012 he moved for five months to Doha (Qatar) to work for TED and the Doha Film Institute and help set up an organization that fosters TED’s mission of ‘ideas worth spreading’.


In 2016 – together with his team – Stolze organized the biggest match making event for start-ups, investors, corporates and developers. Startup Fest Europe took place between 24 – 28 May 2016 and featured speakers like Tim Cook (Apple), Eric Schmidt (Alphabet), Travis Kalanick (Uber) and Nathan Blecharczyk (AirBnB).


Since 2017 he is an ‘entrepreneur in residence’ at Amsterdam Science Park, building new businesses around scientific research.

Jim Stolze