3D printing for fully personalized food

Pieter Debrauwer is programme manager 3D food printing at Amsystems Center and one of the presenters at High-Tech Systems 2018.

Leestijd: 2 minuten

3D printing of food is a rapidly emerging technology that offers possibilities for creating improved or new food products. Ultimately, this technology can provide fully personalized food products as well as food products that have unique properties. This personalization relates to shape (to create your own unique design), composition (to adapt food composition to your likings, medical needs, containing no allergens, being healthier without comprising taste or with alternative ingredients) or texture (to design and enable textures and structures that cannot be created with conventional methods). In addition to personalization, 3D food printing also provides new possibilities for on-demand local production of food products in restaurants, food services, pop-up stores and other locations.

Recent developments in 3D food printing have focused mainly on shaping 3D printed foods. The next step is to allow for personalization of recipes. This involves multi-ingredient printing and voxel (3D pixels) printing. Food products are usually complex multi-ingredient products. The ingredient formulations vary, for instance requiring the food printing equipment to process both powders and liquids.

The second challenge beyond mere shaping of food is to create texture in 3D printed food products. The taste of food is not only determined by the ingredient composition, but also by the structure and the state in which the ingredients are included in the product. In order to have full control of these properties the printing resolution and printability of the ingredients are critical features to master.

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